soup freezer hat tricks

These are all in-progress pieces. Right now I’m weirdly and wonderfully fueled by working from this large heap of stuff (canvas, cotton, linen, floss, twill and snap tape) that I dyed months ago. It’s this reliable pile of pre-energized goodness that I’ve spirited away for myself. Plucking things from it is like finding some really tasty soup you stashed in the freezer. It’s Past Helen taking care of Future Helen.
It’s exactly the kind of artist-process-strategy I felt I was lacking when I started doing this work. I imagined that people who went to art school learned magic studio tricks, and I was lost and lacking. Probably in real life everyone builds these for themselves. These approaches click because they very specifically engage *us,* as unique creatures, in the current moment, I think. Is that how it works for you?

secret lentil bucket hat, in progress
Secret Lentil jacket, in progress
Secret Lentil, hand dyed coat pieces
Secret Lentil, hand dyed linen canvas and trims

1. a scrappy bucket hat
2. a ‘Japan’ Jacket
3. Pieces of a coat that may end up with pirate cuffs
4. Piecing together the ‘Japan’ jacket panels.
5. The original source pile of fabric and trims that I dyed
— helen