What I'm Staring At: don't step on the crack

©Tamara Shea / dontsteponthecrackTamara Shea's new Instagram feed Don't Step On The Crack is one my favorite things to stare at right now.

She puts it simply: "Exploring things found in sidewalk cracks."©Tamara Shea / dontsteponthecrack It's true, plus it's so much more — her photos are an entry to a tiny world where purple porcelain berries, neon Slurpee straws, fresh snowflakes, tiny rubber bands, burned-up browned cigarette butts and crumpled leaves of all sorts find themselves handsomely framed in concrete. ©Tamara Shea / dontsteponthecrackIt's relaxing and satisfying to poke around in her little planet. I feel my sense of scale shift. I'm instantly an inch high, exploring ditches and fallen trees and random detritus from a world of unseeing giants. ©Tamara Shea / dontsteponthecrackAnd they aren't all static objects — there's plenty of action. Click here to see an ant eating a giant piece of candy. Good stuff. 






All images ©Tamara Shea.