Yes! Much translucent ethereal scrunchy matte black silk

black silk slip dresses from secret lentilYes! It's the return of the black slip dresses. Just a tiny handful for right now so leap if you want one.

Also — you know how I don't do custom work? I don't. But once in a while someone asks me for something and the stars, planets and coffee mugs are aligned sooooo perfectly that it's easier to say yes than to give the boilerplate I'm-a-messed-up-introvert-better-left-to-do-whatever-I-can-in-my-studio speech. This just happened with me and Karen. She recently bought a black slip dress, with a matching cowl collar. Could I, she asked, make a larger version of the collar? Well, huh — yes. I could. I just happened to have more black silk, and I was about to start making this batch the very next week. I know! Kismet.

So after some in-studio design fanagling, I give you, dear readers: the capelet. It's about twice the size of the collar, with the same Möbius twist. So now there's a cowl collar and a capelet and you can stack them on top of each other and be the happiest black-laden you imaginable. Like this:

secret lentil sculpted silk capelets and cowl collars


Now let's see them with some clothes. Here's two slip dresses, layered, with a capelet and then a cowl collar stacked right up on top of the whole thing:

black slip dress with capelet and cowl collar from secret lentil

If that doesn't make your heart go pitter pat I can't help you.