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— call or text:   315.289.8435 — I usually don't find the phone before it goes to voicemail. Or maybe I pretend I can't find it. Introverts prefer texting. Use your best judgment.
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Secret Lentil Clothing
501 W Fayette St. Suite 221
Syracuse NY 13204 

winter view from the secret lentil studio syracuse ny

— visit:  Mr. Lentil and I work in a studio in the Delavan Center in Syracuse New York.  <--- that's a map.  You can visit and meet us, and our machines, and see what we do. You can also shop. The Secret Lentil Superette is just down the hall — a tiny pop-up boutique that is always at least 58 percent more tidy than the studio.

Just call, text or email me to set up a time. We work all kinds of odd days and hours and can probably be there when you want to visit. Caveat: Inevitably if you stop by unannounced I won't be there. I'm not sure why I just know it's true.

elise and helen at secret lentil photo shoot