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(315) 289.8435


Helen Carter
Secret Lentil Clothing
501 W Fayette St. Suite 221
Syracuse NY 13204 


I work in a studio with Mike in the Delavan Center in Syracuse New York.  <--- that's a map.  You can visit and meet us, and our lovely machines, and see what we do and the mess we make while doing it. You can also shop. The Secret Lentil Superette is just down the hall — a tiny pop-up boutique that is always at least 58 percent more tidy than the studio.

Just call, text or email me to set up a time. We work all kinds of odd days and hours and can probably be there when you want to visit. Caveat: Inevitably if you stop by unannounced I won't be there. I'm not sure why I just know it's true.

elise and helen at secret lentil photo shoot

secret lentil studio april 2017