"When I found Helen and her sculpted clothing art
 a few years back, I was thrilled.
I wanted to dance. I did." - Carina

"Fifty percent or more of my wardrobe is Secret Lentil.
Why? Whimsy, comfort, color, cut and concept. Simply put, each of Helen's pieces is art, sculpture to be exact, and I am the art teacher. I need clothes that are comfortable, colorful, playful and above all, original. It's a match made in art heaven." - San D


"Your clothing has really opened up some
new kind of dressing for me." - Rhonda

"secret lentil is a magical being who hatched out of a sewing machine and became known as the enchanted clothier of all of us creatures who dream but run naked thru life- without her, none of us would be safe. and with her, we are now free to carry on our blissful dreaming indefinitely - for me, secret lentil is one of my dreams come true." - Lynn


"... when i discovered secret lentil, i flipped -
and snatched up two pieces before they disappeared. they do that, you know: they disappear, and reappear in closets all over this world. mine come out to play, and come out for walks, and come out when i'm feeling dapper, when i'm meeting a friend for tea, when i'm feeling like doing nothing but sitting quietly and staring out the window with my cup of tea in hand ..." - Nina


"I fell in love with Secret lentil's gorgeous garments.

Love at first sight ...
easy-going, strong, great for any occasion,
just absolutely scrumptiously delicious." - Diana

"clothing is my defense against the dreary doldrums of the workaday world ... any designer that can elicit compliments from one person and then cause another to look at me like a dog that heard a funny noise is the designer for me! It's effortless, quirky and guilt-free style. I LOVE my Secret Lentil." - Cindy