secret lentil black linen twist cowl collar
secret lentil black linen twist cowl collar
secret lentil black linen twist cowl collar

Black Linen scrunch cowl collar

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Linen scrunch cowl collar. In black. BLACK LINEN.

Here's what I like about this design: Well, it's handsome. But also, it's already twisted gracefully as you see it here — just cram it over your head and it automatically looks sculptural and correct. No futzing!

But if you're a natural futzer and are compelled to futz, it does have areas where angled seams coalesce nicely and you might want to put those out front if you like them. I will not deny you.

It's non-gendered. All gendered? Unisex? I don't know, unisex seems creepy somehow. It gives me weird flashbacks to trying to get punk rock haircuts in disco/cocaine-infused hair salons in the 70's. Yes, I eventually just cut my own damn hair. But honestly, I've been meaning to mention this anyway: I want anyone to wear whatever they want. So while I feel a bit odd saying that this particular item is all-gendery, in general please know that I welcome having anyone wear anything I make. I think I've implied it before, but now I've just said it. 

Okay where were we?

• rough size: One size fits all
• fabric: 100% medium-weight linen
• care: machine wash cold, or hand wash - machine dry 
hand made by me in my studio
enjoy! — helen 
Shown over a black artifacted dress (already sold).
secret lentil black linen twist cowl collar