empanadas from secret lentil

You might think I'm Fancy when I tell you I made empanadas tonight but it was really a desperate how to rustle up some excitement out of a refrigerator with one shelf of condiments, some leftover taco meat and a few dozen eggs kind of maneuver.

For dough I used this recipe from Layla Pujol. I made it in the food processor; it was easy. At first I thought, why break the dough into two balls? But of course it's crucial, because if you had to face rolling all of it out at once — into tiny round circle after tiny round circle — you'd just grab your shoes, get on the highway and leave life in this town behind you, stopping at Taco Bell later when you got peckish.

For the filling I used:

  • leftover taco meat (ground beef with cumin, smoked paprika, turmeric, cayenne)
  • some roasted red peppers (frozen, in a bag, thank you Danny Wegman)
  • the remains of a bag of spinach (frozen, in a bag, thank you Danny Wegman)
  • grated extra sharp cheddar cheese
  • a generous splop of Valentina sauce

empanada dough

For a few tense minutes at the end of all that rolling I thought I had the precise amount of filling I needed for each dough ball. I could already hear my friend Phil offering this as proof there is a God but I ended up with three extra. Whew, that was close.

They came out super tasty. The dough wasn't rubbery! And I stuffed the extra three with some banana chunks sprinkled with Vietnamese cinnamon. Yum.


oak cyborg

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