lazy post-work late night chicken curry, uhhh, slurry?


Okay so naming a dish "slurry" is probably not the best marketing campaign. But people appear to be okay with eating sliders (full body shiver) so who knows? 

I worked until hangry and didn't feel like cooking, so tonight is a classic "bunch of food stuffed into the Instant Pot with some spices then I'll watch a dumb tv show until it's ready" night.

It features this curry blend which is one of my recent favorites: "Chief" Hot and Spicy Duck/Goat Curry Powder." I've never put it on a duck or a goat but it's great with chicken. I wouldn't call it hot and spicy - I've added cayenne to it this evening - but it has a lushness and richness to the flavor that I haven't found in other pre-made blends. (If you are making a vegetarian broth sometime and miss the umami-oomph of a meat broth, this would do it.)

This isn't even a recipe, let's just call it a list:

  • handful of potatoes, quartered
  • one pound bag of frozen cauliflower
  • six chicken thighs, boneless and skinless
  • a few handfuls of brown rice
  • a bunch of water that just barely covers all of it
  • aforementioned Goat/Duck Curry mix
  • cayenne
  • turmeric

I don't often add rice to the Instant Pot; I prefer to cook it separately in my rice cooker but I'm too lazy to even bother with that. I did choose brown rice since it will stay more intact in the sauce. And I chose the cauliflower for the opposite reason: to dissolve and thicken things up. Which it did. Thank you cauliflower.

The good news: It was good and we ate it for days at the studio. The bad news (or maybe good considering the inherent slurriness): I forgot to take pictures.



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