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artifacted collar (detachable / attachable) in deep teal

artifacted collar (detachable / attachable) in deep teal

I do love a free-range collar. I see them called detachable but I think this is actually ... attachable? Right? They're kind of new-fangled funky but also staunchly old-timey. I hand-built this from layers of canvas, linen and cotton. It's highly stitched and textured. Cotton twill tie. Hand dyed in a mottled custom blend of deep teal.

I like the underside of this one too — I've shown it in the last picture. Wear whichever way pleases you.

Artifacting. That's my term for making a new piece of clothing that appears to be old. Here's what I've written about the process.

secret lentil particulars
  • fabric: 100% linen, cotton, cotton twill
  • care: hand wash in cold water, dry flat
  • hand made by me: enjoy! — helen 

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