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Mourning Pinafore (Black, with side ties)

Mourning Pinafore (Black, with side ties)

When I looked up 'mourning pinafores' I honestly thought they'd be a thing, from somewhere. Nope. Well, now there's at least one.

It has: a strap on one shoulder and a tie on the other, plus 3 ties down the side - with extras to let dangle as you'd like! In the last pic you can see it untied.

On your left hip is layers of cotton and linen with frayed trims. Oh, and look more ties that look like they could be hiked up and tied together? I didn't photograph this, but try it and let me know.

Asymmetric hem. A technical aside: it has lots of frayed trim and details, all of which are reinforced with stitching. It's solid. It has a lot going on in terms of shape and details but isn't super weighty - it is ready to layer with lots of other stuff. I know thie because I just tried it on and pranced around the house in it a bit. Should we be prancing while mourning? I say yes, do what feels right.

secret lentil particulars
  • rough size:  Extra Large to 1X and probably up to 2X - plenty of flexibility with the side ties. See the dress form size for best estimate
  • actual measurements: length varies from 35 to 42
  • for comparison — dress form measurementsbust 44 inches, waist 35, hips 45, Size 18
  • fabric: 100% linen and 100% pima cotton, cotton twill ties and trim
  • care: it's pre-washed and shrunk. Hand wash. It can be machine washed on cold and machine dried, but on gentle because the ties will probably knot up. 
  • hand made by me
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