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dreamy artifacted bucket hat, deep teal

dreamy artifacted bucket hat, deep teal

HAT size chart

secret lentil hat size chart

Once, on the internet, I saw someone spell 'in situ' as 'in sitchew' and that is what it will look like in my head for the rest of my life. I'm not mocking them. I think it's a more rewarding version of it. Certainly more memorable. This hat is in sitchew right here in this room where I made it, I just slid it over onto my fantastically chaotic art-making surface for its closeup with the Buddha head I got years ago at The Christmas Tree Shop. It rattles a little when you shake it and I wonder what's in there every time I pick it up.

Deluxe artifacted bucket hat. The base layer is canvas. All of the deliciously scrappy frayed decor is linen and cotton. Hand dyed in a custom blend of deep teal. (Here's what I've written about artifacting.)

secret lentil particulars

  • size: Large; almost extra large - closer to the 23 inches on my size chart.
  • fabric: 100% cotton canvas, linen trim; dyed with professional lightfast procion dyes
  • care: spot clean or hand wash in cold water, air dry
  • hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind
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